06-02-13 05:06 PM
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  1. FSeverino's Avatar
    Isn't this the exact reason that RIM created BlackBerry Balance?

    I think it's a great idea, I think carrying two phones would be exceedingly annoying.

    But if I had to, I would probably put the work one on the belt and personal in the pocket.

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    which is why we wont need two Z10s... but these are not Z10s
    04-27-13 11:10 PM
  2. VictoriaPa1's Avatar
    If comfort matters to you, just use one phone and combined all the info you need both for work and for your personal activities.
    04-28-13 12:01 AM
  3. Alexandre1986fr's Avatar
    Finally I gave up my pockets to carry my Z10 & Bold 9900. From now on, I use a washed and cleaned side pack, you know, the kind of squared little bag that looks like a fanny pack. It has 4 pockets on it. The biggest one is for my Z10, the middle one underneath the zip is for my Bold 9900, and the two last pockets are for my cleaning set (Z10 gets a lot of dust because of the case) and my charger + headset.

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    06-02-13 03:34 PM
  4. BBWhizKid's Avatar
    I usually carry 2 phones with me, my z10 4 personal and my 9900 for work. I usually have a bag with me so if I'm just out after work or during the weekend i keep my z10 in my pocket and my 9900 in my bag. Vice versa for work. I'll finally be able to use my z10 for both when my dumb I.T. gets off their lazy butts and implements Balance.
    06-02-13 05:06 PM
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