1. alyssa28's Avatar
    When I have text a friend using her PIN # she would get the text sometimes not every time because her phone was going bad. Not long after someone else was getting my texts too. I did not know until I got replies back from someone else who was in a totally different state and had a different phone number too. Does this ever happen? Do other people share same PIN #?
    12-19-11 05:02 PM
  2. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Each device has an individual PIN. No 2 BlackBerry devices have the same PIN. It simply is not possible.
    12-19-11 05:16 PM
  3. alyssa28's Avatar
    I don't know what happened. There was too many problems with that BB curve even the BB messenger was not working so the phone was returned.
    12-19-11 05:42 PM
  4. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    The PIN may have been compromised. If it is blacklisted or listed as stolen, it will not work correctly. Was the phone purchased new or used?
    12-19-11 08:46 PM
  5. Branta's Avatar
    It is likely one of the phones had been "cloned" to give a new identity to a stolen device.
    12-19-11 09:05 PM
  6. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    It's strange, PIN # is unique on Blackberry device.
    12-19-11 11:05 PM
  7. gbsn's Avatar
    It's strange, PIN # is unique on Blackberry device.
    Its not, it can be changed, specially in older devices pre 9000.
    12-19-11 11:12 PM
  8. alyssa28's Avatar
    I think it was a blackberry curve bought off Ebay. The phone worked fine for the first 6-7 months.
    12-20-11 01:12 AM
  9. paulbrigth's Avatar
    Please I also have this kind of problem, some one also have the same blackberry pin with me
    08-08-12 04:45 PM
  10. paulbrigth's Avatar
    Please what can I do about have the same bb pin with some one
    08-08-12 04:46 PM