1. lucblanchet's Avatar
    How can I install 3rd party applications from my Mac to my BlackBerry? Also, can anyone tell me from which website will I be able to download applications?
    03-27-09 03:16 PM
  2. zhelf's Avatar
    you have to use windows to use the dm the only program that can do this. so you would have to use bootcamp or parallels and boot a copy of windows onto your mac then install desktop manager. sorry i too am a mac user so i am limited to doing everything ota
    03-27-09 03:26 PM
  3. raskal1130's Avatar
    Yes, what reaper says is correct. I too am also in your shoes... RIM needs to make a program for us Mac users that functions like DM.
    03-27-09 03:34 PM
  4. thinkamp's Avatar
    If RIM doesnt make something soon for us mac users I might have to leave BB and I honestly don't want to do that, but I want a phone that is going to get along with my Mac!
    03-27-09 03:35 PM
  5. zhelf's Avatar
    yea it sucks because i will never go back to windows it sucks! my macbook is just over 2 years old battery is still perfect and runs as fast as when i bought it. and it will hold up until i upgrade to a new macbookpro in a few months. but i will not part withs macs or my BB. i think we will see a dm soon for mac since they just released the music manager so i think they are starting to realize mac users are making up more and more of the BB population. i will admit i am an apple fanboy but will never buy an iphone!!!! it feels too much like a toy the same as my touch the only difference would be web anywhere. sooo i really hope RIM pays attention and caters to the mac users some more.
    03-27-09 03:51 PM