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    My phone number was hacked recently. Horrible text messages were sent to my family and friends and I didn't send them. I am having to prove to the cop detective it wasn't me. (he doesn't believe in hacking) I am wondering if even though the texts didn't come from my phone but came from my number will they show up on the phone bill?
    11-18-15 08:56 PM
  2. grahamf's Avatar
    Is there any record in your text history? I don't know what device you have, but consider a wipe and password protect it.
    11-18-15 09:02 PM
  3. BerryRipe's Avatar
    Why would someone hack into your phone just to send text messages as if you were the sender. Do you know anybody capable of hacking your phone that would want to play a prank?

    You actually got a detective involved when he/she should be finding murders & rapists?

    Is changing your number out of the question?

    Posted via CB10
    11-18-15 09:41 PM
  4. KermEd's Avatar
    Only your carrier has access to the real information.

    They may have spoofed your number and your IMEI. In which case the phone logs probably errantly record it as you anyways.

    They should be able to take it further and see where the requests really are coming from. SMS and IMEI spoofing isn't too hard to do.

    Moreover if you are using a phone which allows apps access to manipulate SMS messages, it could have been sent from malware on your phone itself. And if you go down THAT path it's even more complicated, most of 'that type' of malware I've found has a timer built in or a time setting. This way the app sits idle for 1->6 months

    Posted to CB via my Passport | Lloyd Summers | FileArchiveHaven
    11-18-15 09:42 PM
  5. grahamf's Avatar
    Who do you allow access to your phone? Do you have any siblings, children, or significant others that may be retaliating or think it's funny? Have you been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder? Have you been able to check your text history? Did you potentially "annoy" someone online on a twisted website like Tumblr or 4chan?
    11-18-15 11:37 PM
  6. Anurag Dabholkar's Avatar
    Yu ve not mentioned your phone.. if it's android.. check your phone logs in ya device folder using es file explorer. Yu ll be able to determine which app is using ya sms services. Check time logs of spoofed msgs in ya bills and accordingly check ya app timings.

    Blackberry Z30
    11-19-15 12:35 AM

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