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    The MemoPad on my BlackBerry is the most important app I have. I use it for everything. Shopping lists, songs to download, things I see that I would like to know more about, gifts to buy my girlfriend after coming home at 4 am drunk and throwing up in her favorite shoes :/ and most importantly my blog. Info-tainment Blog *cough cough* (shameless self promotion alert check it out)

    I have always been quite opinionated on topics I know and love. Some of which include but are not limited to Blackberry devices, The Simpsons/Futurama (teacher, mother, secret lover) tech in general, and video games! If there was a job for being AWESOME at all Super Mario Brothers games, I'd be rich. Rich as Nazi's. With so much to say I can be quite talkative but in many situations it isn't always suitable to verbally express said opinions. With the increase in texting, email, blogging and instant messaging of any kind in our daily life's the written word is just as important as the spoken word.

    I'm good at many things but spelling is not one of them. After happily spelling dinosaur for the first time, I thought I had it made. Sadly I was wrong. When I was in school I even dumbed down the vocabulary in many essays because I was too embarrassed to spell the word incorrectly.

    The MemoPad has been a tremendous help to me. The more and more I use it, the better at spelling I have become. Many an entry in my memo pad I have used the aid of the spell check function. Unfortunately for pretty simple words.....like unfortunately But the next time I use a word in an entry I had trouble with previously, I find that I am spelling it correctly with no need to hit the trackpad to find the appropriate word. Now I know a lot of people argue that spell check makes you dumber and lazier, but that is not the case always. It depends on how you USE spell check. You can use it for the no thought required quick fix, or you can do like I do and learn from it. Now if only BlackBerry had an app for run on sentences and grammar I'd be set.
    -Mr. Infotainment-

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    09-13-11 07:02 PM