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    First of all I am a new Blackberry user and thus this is my first post to the forum. I have been doing some research about the question in my mind and I have yet to find a convincing answer even though there are very many discussions about this topic. My question is about the Wifi-3G transition when using the Hotspot Browser.

    I am currently using the BIS plan with a 4GB limit provided by my operator in Turkey. I have read the 'Blackberry Browsers Explained' by Craig Johnston and even though it answered many questions for me it also stimulated new ones.

    So, this is the question:

    I have set up the default browser on my BB 9700 as the Hotspot browser to use Wi-Fi at home. And from the Blackberry Browsers Explained article I understand that the Hotspot Browser directly connects to the internet. Does this mean that it does not do what the Internet browser does, i.e. The intenet browser uses "MDS-CS [which] also compresses the data before it is sent to minimize wireless data usage and resizes images based on the device they are going to."

    So I am concerned that if that is the case, when I leave my house and thus get out of the Wi-Fi zone, the Hotspot browser will change to 3G/EDGE on its own but continue to get raw and not the compressed data which is intended for BB usage, thus putting me in a position where I might exceed my 4GB limit, which I really don't want it to happen. Will this be the case? In that case, should I just use the Internet Browser to avoid such complication anyway?

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing an answer for this problem...
    11-02-10 04:07 AM
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    Regardless, since i have a 1GB limit, it will swap between hotspot and internet browser automatically when in a wi-fi zone, and back to the compressed mode browser when out of a wifi zone. You'll be fine.

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    11-02-10 04:59 AM
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    Thanks for the reply...
    11-02-10 05:14 AM