1. BBtC's Avatar
    Does anyone else have any complaints about the reception or sound quality of the BB pearl (8110)?

    Up until now, i have had MANY types of phones. Motorola, nokia, Samsung, LG, Kyocera etc. and I couldn't complain about any of them except that some of them were ugly. But now i have my beautiful pearl with all kinds of features and options that make life so much easier, but i can't make and KEEP!! A FREAKIN CALL!!!!! I honest to God drop about 8 calls a day, on average... sometimes more. As much as i love this phone i was actually gonna get rid of it, but i just got it and i'm past my 30 day return time-frame. And my GF has the exact same phone and hers does the same thing when she talks to other people. Does anyone else have similar issue?? Typically what happens is during a call i will have ok reception, usually 2 or 3 bars (kinda low if you ask me) and then i'll just drop the call, out of nowhere! and by the time i look at my phone it says signal strength is "x" and then almost instantly i have 2 or 3 bars again, and i can re-make my call? This is my 3rd berry due to actual physical problems on the other two which were replaced. But all three did the same thing.

    Oh and the sound quality thing isn't as big of a deal, but i can barely understand what most people are saying. It sounds like everyone is mumbling. I have a feeling that might be a setting in the audio options but i haven't figured it out yet.
    08-14-08 06:47 AM
  2. powera's Avatar
    The call clarity on my pearl has never been an issue. But I usually get one dropped call a day atleast, no matter where I am.
    08-14-08 07:34 AM
  3. not4no1's Avatar
    I am in the exact same situation...minus the girlfriend having one too.
    Ever since I got my 8130 from Sprint it has dropped every call I receive if I am sitting at my desk.
    When it rings, I grab the phone & run to the atrium in hopes of catching the call.
    I have never had a phone with such crappy reception. Other than that, I love everything blackberry can handle.
    08-14-08 10:07 AM
  4. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    ive had 4 berries all with excellent reception(and ive had many different phones)...maybe its just where you live?
    or maybe its the fact that the berry cuts the amount of calls i make in half
    08-14-08 10:10 AM
  5. BBtC's Avatar
    It might be where i live... but no other phones in the past had this poor signal strength. And to kickinitlive247 i'm really glad your able to cut ur calls in half but mine more than double, almost triple cuz i have to call most people back 3 or 4 times just to finish a conversation. I guess i just gotta deal with it now. Or get one of those antenna booster that are stickers and you stick them to your battery! HAHA!! just kidding
    08-14-08 10:32 AM
  6. Abercrombie's Avatar
    might be a problem with your carrier's coverage area if its happening to the both of you
    08-14-08 10:46 AM
  7. cousinb's Avatar
    I have the Pearl 8110 with AT&T and my reception is excellent. Not sure why yours would be so bad.
    08-14-08 10:47 AM
  8. bhunter's Avatar
    If your having problems w/ reception and your other phones haven't while in the same area I would recomend taking it into your companies store. Could be them or your phone.

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    08-14-08 11:20 AM
  9. Inifekt's Avatar
    Well, if you're both having the same problems, are you inside the same building? Brick and metal are pretty much a "no-go" for signal.

    Does this happen outside? Does this happen anywhere else? What does signal say on your phone? Do you have free memory on your phone? I've heard low memory can drop calls.

    So many variables that not included and could affect signal. Also, AT&T's T&C's state they don't guarantee service, due to building materials and geographical locations.
    08-14-08 11:27 AM
  10. not4no1's Avatar
    Well, for me, it's the blackberry. I have been at the same job nearly 10 years & just switched to my 8130 this year.

    I have had many phones (mostly Sanyo) with excellent reception on each, then I switched.

    I have had 2 8130s so far (first had trackball issues) and both showed the exact same reception at my desk…funny thing, my home office gets the same reception as work, but the rest of my house is fine.

    Sadly the crackberry bug bit me & I love all it can do...except the reception.

    Speaking of which…I’ve never asked. Are there any signal boosters for the 8130?
    08-14-08 01:48 PM