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    My Torch/wifi connects to my home network without any problem. But after opening browser and clicking to go to a website, the page begins to load, but then the browser slows to a crawl and then stops. My wifi is working on all other devices in my home. Anyone have ideas?
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    Are you sure that there's not a conflict in the phone where it doesn't know which connection to use when on wi-fi? With wi-fi on, go to the "service status" page and make sure that your 9800 is using wi-fi for the connection to Blackberry Internet Service. If it says anything else there then the wi-fi isn't actually connecting. Under the wi-fi network area under the active profile it should show your wi-fi network name and type. Have you tried another wi-fi connection such as a hotspot at Starbucks or somewhere else to see if the same problem happens?

    Also try turning off mobile network. That will verify that you're on wi-fi only. Just in case I would also go to the browser and clear cache, cookies, and the rest of the stuff. Then do a battery pull and try to connect via wi-fi only.
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    Mine is the same way. However, at work it is not so slow, actually works better, though it could be faster. I believe RIM needs to address this in a future update.
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