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    I have a weird situation. I have an SMC8014W-G modem/router at my upstairs desktop and D-Link DAP-1360 Range Extender on the main floor. I can connect from wifi being initially turned off to either spot no problem. BUT I cannot move my Playbook from one of their locations to another unless I turn off my PB`s WiFi for about 5-10 minutes before turning at back on at the new location, or it will not connect. This is a problem with my network, because the same thing happens on my android phone. Still working on it. I`ve seen others across the web talk about this problem with other mobile devices, while saying the problem doesn`t happen on PC type devices like laptops.

    To test that out, I turned my phone's hotspot on. Using my Playbook I was able to switch between my home connection and my phone's wifi signal back and forth with no delay at all. But moving from my router's location to my repeater's location could not be done unless I waited 5-10 minutes whether it's on my phone or my tablet.

    The entire network is on "802.11 G" (can't used mixed mode or N, that's a whole other story we're not going to get into here) and both router and repeater are set to exactly the same gateway, DNS, network name etc. Encryption is WPA2. The only difference between them is that my main router is set to be a DHCP server, while the repeater is not (it says I can leave DHCP Server off if the router's is on. Perhaps that's wrong, I still have to try that). And my router settings only shows WPA2-PSK while my repeater has more detailed options showing WPA2 Cipher Type: AES PSK/EAP: Personal.
    02-24-12 09:03 PM
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    Are the Wi-Fi connection settings on the PB regarding your home network set up to "Allow inter-access point handover"? I think the default is to not allow AP handover. The same applies to BB phone configuration.
    02-27-12 03:57 PM
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    Problem solved with a newer router thanks

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    02-27-12 05:15 PM