1. jah13's Avatar
    Got a Blackberry 8310 and it has worked OK for about a week. I am now having problems in that the unit does not go to sleep when placed in the holster. After playing with it, I noticed that the function works OK but only if I slide it in the case about half way. The moment the unit goes in the holster more than half way it turns on. It almost seems that the magnet is in the wrong place. I am using a genuine Blackberry holster.

    I did a soft reset last night (ALT + Right Shift + DEL) and it seemed to clear the problem but when I shut down the unit over night and powered it on this morning the problem came back.. Help please

    05-17-08 11:11 AM
  2. Reckum's Avatar
    Is it turning on and staying on when you place it in the holster. I also have a 8310 and I thought mine had the same problem then I noticed if I put it in and waited a second it would go to sleep. Maybe your pulling it out to quick thinking that its not working and making calls to people at least that's what I was doing.

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    05-17-08 11:17 AM
  3. jah13's Avatar
    it stays on and eventually it shuts off. The holster mode is not working because it does not turn back on when you pull it out.
    05-17-08 11:25 AM