1. silverfang77's Avatar
    Can high winds outside cause poor reception? Right now my Berry is getting no bars and the 1XEV is 1xev. This has happened a couple times before, each time there was a noticeable wind outside the house. Is this normal?
    04-16-10 05:09 PM
  2. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    I say this with complete ignorance as to how radio communications work... But I really doubt that wind would be a direct cause to poor reception. It is however a possibility that the wind could be screwing with the closest cell tower to you causing the poor reception or causing your phone to default to the second closest tower if the first one was affected by the wind.

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    04-16-10 05:14 PM
  3. silverfang77's Avatar
    I suppose it could be. It's the only constant I've noticed. Usually the Berry is OK signal wise with either !X or 1XEV. Right now, it's going between 1x, 1X, 1xev and 1XEV. I wish this damn wind would stop blowing.
    04-16-10 05:17 PM
  4. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    Did you try going outside.. Maybe its a certain part of your house that could be a dead zone.

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    04-16-10 05:19 PM
  5. silverfang77's Avatar
    No because as I said, when the wind is still, it gets a decent signal in my room.
    04-16-10 05:23 PM
  6. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    That sucks... If you already have an internet connection at home, a wireless router may be a worthwhile investment so you can just use wifi @ home. That is if your carrier has a uma service.

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    04-16-10 05:41 PM
  7. silverfang77's Avatar
    My cellular Internet is OK *knocks on wood*. It's just the BlackBerry that gets issues when the wind wuthers. Also, this is an older model with no wifi capabilities.
    04-16-10 05:43 PM
  8. sandesh_vg's Avatar
    Oh man.. That sucks, if the probem is really bad, I've heard of some carriers installing signal boosters in ppl's homes. But I'm sure they only do it for extreme cases.

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    04-16-10 05:58 PM
  9. nvkid909's Avatar
    think it has more to do with pressure / atmospherics than wind. not 100% on this though
    04-17-10 04:07 AM
  10. Branta's Avatar
    There is nothing inherent in radio propagation which should be affected by wind. The only things that come to mind are more obscure things like the wind moving trees in the path between transmitter and receiver. You should see this as a fluctuating signal level rather than gaining and losing the data service.

    Have a look at http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/chan...wer-dbm-26381/ and get a better idea of the numeric signal strengths.
    04-17-10 06:33 AM
  11. MrObvious's Avatar
    Unless you are in a dead zone.
    04-17-10 11:13 AM
  12. rhoads00's Avatar
    I've never heard of wind affecting any reception before.
    04-17-10 04:11 PM
  13. Gnomad's Avatar
    Unless the wind is blowing more than 186000 miles per second, roughly, then there is no effect from wind on radio waves.
    04-17-10 04:43 PM
  14. MrObvious's Avatar
    Like the mod said, it has to do with the trees moving around more than anything.

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    04-17-10 05:51 PM
  15. Branta's Avatar
    It could be trees, it could be something really exotic like metallic doped heat reflecting windows (or blinds) which happen to be closed when the wind is stronger - pure coincidence.

    However I wouldn't expect any transmission path interference to have a differential impact on voice and data services unless the signal is already very weak. Its the same radio waves between the antennas, but used in a different way within the equipment.
    04-17-10 07:58 PM
  16. AdiktiveDrumZ's Avatar
    It could be the particles from chemtrials being sprayed in the skies being the reason for poor reception. I wonder how radio waves react with all that aluminum and boron that get sprayed up there in the atmosphere. You can find more info on this stuff, as as well as other interesting news at noagendashow dot com. Sorry, i cant post links yet.
    04-18-10 11:36 AM
  17. atuarre's Avatar
    Wind blowing would not affect radio waves.
    04-18-10 12:54 PM
  18. Radius's Avatar
    I used to think strong wind wouldn't affect anything but I believe now it somehow does.

    The last few times I have talked to someone overseas and they had strong wind I could barely hear them and sometimes had some strange doppler effect on their voices. As for trees, they are in a big city with almost no trees.

    And the last time it got windy here they had a very hard time hearing me.

    I doubt the wind itself is doing it, but it is affecting something that does for sure.
    04-18-10 02:58 PM
  19. Branta's Avatar
    If we assume that the humans are in a sheltered environment and not affected by wind noise or shouting into the mic in response to local conditions, I can only imagine a few possible causes:

    Radio signal disruption or interference due to vegetation movement in the direct path (or maybe fresnel zone if the wind is very strong).

    Strong winds are often associated with rain. Maybe water streaming down an antenna?

    Antenna movement - highly unlikely to be significant in a cellular system with relatively small antenna rigidly mounted. If this was the case it would probably be followed by repair teams fixing a new antenna or a new tower.
    04-18-10 06:25 PM
  20. Mamaluka's Avatar
    I've helped construct cell towers. They have cable trays that house the cables that run up whatever the antenna is mounted to. If a cable tray blew off and a wire was exposed to the elements or even if the tray isn't blown off and the cable(s) became loose at a connection point, I would think its very possible that the wind would have this exact effect on service....no?

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    04-18-10 08:34 PM
  21. ProjectManager1's Avatar
    I don't know about the wind, but I am firmly convinced(regardless of whether its possible or not), that the rain SEVERELY effects my reception.

    My service/data is prestine 99% of the time,except when it rains. When it does, my texts take forever to come through, if at all, and my service goes in and out, out more than in.

    When it stops raining, everything goes back to normal.

    So I'm not a techy by any means, but I 100% believe its possible that the winds have an effect on ur reception


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    04-18-10 10:34 PM
  22. Branta's Avatar
    If movement of the coaxial cables or connectors is causing problems there is a fault on the cable, and it should be repaired. This is the kind of fault I deal with regularly, and it is more frequent to find water ingress and corrosion as the visible problem rather than mechanical damage. Most times if there is a defect which could let movement cause the problems described then water will get in pretty quickly and corrosion will produce a permanent fault.
    04-19-10 06:53 AM