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    Hi everyone,
    Just joined Crackberry, I am sort of lurking and trying to get to grips with the Blackberry Bold I just bought. For the past five days since purchasing have been making a new theme. Putting my own stamp on it is like decorating a new home or customising a car to make it stand out as different to the crowd for me so i have been doing this first. I have tried pretty much every type of phone and PDA and must say i will definatly be sticking to Blackberry for a long time to come.

    I love dabbling with hardware and software and loosing the little bits down the back of the sofa and recently bought a job lot of old BB's off a v. large auction site and within 20 minutes had seven of thirty completely unlocked and lots of sensitive trader emails memo's etc. ready to read, not to mention a few flirty messages. (it's ok i am a good chap and wiped them all now)

    So my question to you all is do you have a password with all of your sensitive home and work data protected with a password like "password" or "letmein" or "12345" as it seems a load of stock floor traders do? To have a device that is so geared up for security and then throw it away so easily seems like madness to me.
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    05-07-09 11:17 PM
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    My password is 4522 today. But changes frequently. I come up with some of the most stupidest passwords ever that nobody will never be able to figure out.

    Anyone who creates such easy passwords as you stated isn't respecting the information and contacts they have on their phone.

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    05-08-09 12:25 AM
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    Yeah that would not be very smart to have such an easy password on a device like a blackberry or any phone really...
    05-08-09 12:30 AM
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    I would think as the boss came round with shiny new Bolds or Storms they forgot all about thier confidential contacts information and emails and just grabbed their new devices. Throwing them all on the auction site with that information intact was not the brightest move either. Lucky our governments are extremely careful that info like this is not getting out quite so easily. Also lucky for them I don't deal in OJ... roffle
    05-08-09 10:10 AM