1. Honii's Avatar
    I was using Outlook 2007 and switched my settings in DM so that my Berry will sync with Yahoo I've had it plugged in for an hour and it still says synchronization in progress and there isn't any progress.
    05-26-08 06:37 PM
  2. tinkerberry's Avatar
    Will it let you cancle?
    05-26-08 06:42 PM
  3. Honii's Avatar
    Yes it lets me cancel.
    05-26-08 07:32 PM
  4. tinkerberry's Avatar
    It might just need to be powercycle and try again!
    05-26-08 07:35 PM
  5. Honii's Avatar
    now it says unable to write or update application data
    05-26-08 08:54 PM
  6. tinkerberry's Avatar
    That error usually indicates that there's a problem with one or more address book entry.

    If you go to: http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/searc...200%2063393579

    there is a list of causes and solutions
    05-26-08 08:58 PM
  7. Honii's Avatar
    Thanks so much for your help. I finally figured it out.
    05-26-08 10:23 PM