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    Hello Everyone!

    I just got a Blackberry for X-mas. It's an 8530 Curve from Metro PCS. I have not activated the phone itself via Metro PCS, yet but I did charge the battery and tried logging onto the WiFi and this is what I encountered:

    After finding my network and writing in my network key I find that either the internet is super slow (even if I'm standing right next to the router!) or it won't load pages:

    It will say: Unable to find the requested server (for gmail, and even google) I mean really!? WTF!

    I've already gone under Browser Options and General Options and made sure that Hotspot Browser is selected and not MetroConnect.

    I also tried downloading pandora but that won't work either (even if I select Internet Explorer as my browser or Firefox).

    I think I got the shaft on this one

    Please help. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated
    12-25-10 06:26 PM