1. travo123456's Avatar
    I currently have a blackberry 8520 with the blackberry internet service activated so i can use bbm and the email service.
    The problem is i don't know when i'm using the wifi or not. I know im using it when i click on browser cause the wifi comes in the top right corner.
    But if i launch the facebook for blackberry application or msn for blackberry. I dont know what it's using. I dont have a data plan because i dont want to pay an extra 5 per month cause i hardly go on it while am going around apart from bbm.
    My bill just keeps going up and up and i have no idea what is causing it.
    My bill is normally 25 with the blackberry internet service attached, but now its currently at 34 and still rising. I deactivate the network before i use the browser but i dont want to do that every single time! is there some kind of way that i can make sure any of the apps that need internet will only use wifi?

    Sorry for the long problem, i wanted to include every vital information.
    Please reply soon.
    Travis Jeffers
    08-28-10 11:13 AM
  2. bunyip80's Avatar
    Hiya, not sure if this will help but I find on my 8520 that if I go into 'manage connections' then 'set up wi-fi network' then 'wi-fi hotspot login' the phone will link to the net via the wi-fi. You can use your menu then to locate search engines and explore!

    Hope this helps!
    08-28-10 11:40 AM
  3. diegonei's Avatar
    Hold on a second.

    You say you don't have a data plan but you said you do have BIS. BIS IS a data plan, the very one you need for BlackBerry devices to fully work.

    I'd call Orange and complain. Orange's BIS accounts for a 2GB fair usage limit and I doubt that browsing and facebook are getting anywhere near that.

    Welcome to the forums (both of you) and do call them.
    08-28-10 12:29 PM