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    For some reason i can't get my phone to go into UMA mode. It shows that I'm connected to my WiFi at home but no UMA. I don't have the T-Mobile router. t-Mobile told me you don't need there router. Anyone know any answers? Oh, and does anyone know if the Curve can accept a 4GB memory card? I have a 2 GB now but would like to have more memory.
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    Your Curve will accept a 4 GB card; I'm currently using one in mine.

    You are correct; you don't need the T-Mo router for UMA, but it sounds like there may be other issues going on for you. There are any number of threads for problem-solving the UMA connection issue on CB, so you may want to run an Advanced Forum Search to see what others have recommended and try those out. You can also go to the T-Zones "T-Mobile HotSpot@Home Help" bookmark for some help, too.
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    Trouble shooting UMA is simple enough.

    First, verify you are subscribed to T-Mobile H@H plan. If it has worked in the past, that is good enough.

    Second, verify you have a good Wifi connection. If the Browser works, you have got it.

    If you are seeing "uma", it is trying to work but not getting connected.

    The most likely cause for failure is restoring your device. That will terminate your UMA access if not done correctly.

    Device switch without losing H@H capability - BlackBerryFAQ
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    Thanks guys for all your help
    04-25-08 06:11 PM