1. PittsburghSteelersGirl's Avatar
    DM asks me to enter my Device Password to sync. I do but then it doesn't work. Asks me again I do it again. Then I can not unlock my phone with the password and I have to wipe it clean. Any help would be wonderful. This is my dad's old work phone ( bb 83x) and it has a manditory phone password. Could it be he has a manditory other password the DM is looking for?
    05-07-09 09:25 AM
  2. Username00089's Avatar
    Just a question. Is your password a number or what you perceive to be a number? For example, if your password is set to "4522" without pressing alt on the phone, then in reality your password is really "sdee." Is that a possibility?
    05-07-09 11:33 AM
  3. Heresy's Avatar
    Answered your post in the 87xx forum. Its either you have the password with numbers but its actually letters. Check to see if you have content protection enabled. Options/security options/general settings.
    05-07-09 11:38 AM