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    Sorry this is sort of a repeat post but no one is answering so going to try here. I'm with Telus in Canada and I have unlimited data. Tethering is $12/mb which I don't, want but I like the look of SharkModem since $49 is a sweet deal to go online anywhere. I have the trail and it works well for web browsing just a bit slow. I'm not planning on using this to download gig after gig or anything like that. The thing is, I use it a bit surf some pages, then the next day I check my data usage online, and it seems really low, like 500kb or 600kb. I'm concerned that it isn't showing up as BB data but still as tethered data. Does anyone know if Sharkmodem really does show up to the provider as normal blackberry data? Maybe it just seems low because it's strictly web browsing and all background applications aren't connecting due to the proxy, but just concerned because I know going to websites uses a lot of data and it seems higher than what I'm getting. Just don't want to pay $49 and find out that I can't use it!
    07-08-08 01:31 PM
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    have you found that this works? or does it not work?

    05-25-09 09:04 AM