1. susan@curacaoliving.com's Avatar
    Hi All.....I just dropped and broke my 1st Blackberry (bought a refurb w/ contract w/ATT 6 months ago) it's an old 7100 series - worked great - need to replace it immediately, today, in your opinion, is it ok to buy one on EBAY? Also I need to know what model to buy - it needs to be durable, good screen (I surf a lot on it) and be CHEAP! I need to have it shipped today so I would so appreciate it if someone can email me right away at susan@curacaoliving.com with your recommedation for the model I need - care about function - do not care about style or color! PLEASE HELP!
    03-07-08 11:42 AM
  2. lush242000's Avatar
    8310 if need / want gps
    8320 if need / want wifi

    End of discussion.
    03-07-08 12:45 PM