1. rhuston502's Avatar
    Two questions, and I apologize if someone has already answered these questions in different post.

    - Can you sync iTunes music onto the newer BBs (8300, 8100, etc)? From reading other posts, it seems like there is a problem with this.

    - In regards to email, if I have, let's say for example AOL for personal email and Outlook for my work email, can I reply to AOL email with my AOL address and switch to my Outlook email address to respond to those emails?

    11-13-07 11:34 AM
  2. the_elf's Avatar
    I'm not very familiar with iTunes, and I'm not a huge fan of "syncing." I can tell you that with my 8830w (with 2GB microSD card installed), when I plug it up to a PC with the USB cable, it recognizes the microSD card just like any other kind of removable media/flash drive. Rather than syncing, I just copy the MP3s I want directly to my BlackBerry's microSD card.

    As for the email, you can reply to any email you receive with any outgoing email address you have configured. The only requirement (as I understand) is that the email account allow POP3 connections. So, as long as AOL and your work email support POP3, you could receive email on your BlackBerry sent to your work address. Then, you would click the menu button, and select reply. If you scroll up to the subject/to/from section, you can toggle where you send the message from.

    Hope that helps!
    11-13-07 03:36 PM