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    Hello Everyone,
    This is probably a common question, but I couldn't find it on the FAQ or search (latter is probably b/c I don't know the best search terms):

    1) I have a Blackberry Tour
    2) Browser seems to work fine accessing .com sites, but
    3) Browser gets hijacked to all manner of advertising sites (not porn or the like) on
    a) all .org sites
    b) some .com sites

    My favorite site is a .org (Moorcock's Miscellany). I know the site administrator and he said this was probably due to the site deploying strong anti-spam programs because they were getting hit hard. He suggested there might be an app that would help, but being an iphone guy himself, he wasn't familiar with Blackberry apps. So, does anyone know of an app or a technique that would help?

    Thank You Very Much,
    07-29-10 07:44 PM