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    I have a blackberry bold 9000 and while updating the bb desk software the bb went completely black and it only blinks twice red every 10 seconds. I have taken out the battery many times and the chip and yet every time I put it back in it goes back to the same red blinking. And when I open the PC software it does not connects to the phone! What to do?

    PLease help
    12-17-10 01:53 PM
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    It seems your Blackberry is nuked look at this and follow the steps:

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    12-17-10 02:20 PM
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    Yes its nuked how you can recover follow the link above.
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    12-17-10 09:51 PM
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    Luckily you've got a PC, which is pretty handy to have at times like this vs a Mac...

    You should be ok if you follow the guide. Keep in mind it may take more than one try before it connects, as timing is somewhat important, so keep trying if it doesn't connect the first time or two...
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    12-17-10 10:05 PM
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    you guys rule
    12-18-10 10:16 AM
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    Thank you guys but the reboot only lasted for two minutes. now the phone is completely black, it wont start, it will not reboot and is just black. The pc recognizes the pin number but cannot connect to jvc what to do?
    12-19-10 04:23 AM