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    Good morning everyone!

    I've got a really puzzling situation that I'm hoping someone can help out with and I've already searched the forums high and low without much luck.

    I have a Sprint Curve 8330, running the Sprint official OS and a stock theme. On this phone, I have three different email accounts set up (one Yahoo and two Gmail).

    I used to receive emails just fine from all accounts--an email would come in, I'd get a tone and an LED alert (using BerryBuzz for customization) and when I went to the home screen, there'd be a new message indicator--an envelope at the top of my home screen and a red asterisk on the message icon.

    I still have the same thing going on for my Yahoo address and one of my Gmail accounts but something really strange is going on with my other Gmail account.

    On my second Gmail account, when I get a new email, I get the tone but no LED (thinking this is a BerryBuzz issue? I thought so too but keep reading )

    When emails arrive to my second Gmail account, they are not showing up in my message folder with an envelope, like all my other emails. Instead, they show up with a check mark, like I sent a message. And these are not messages I'm sending, which is the confusing part for me (since I read about sent email from Gmail showing up in the BB inbox)

    I have a school account that forwards messages into this particular Gmail account and so whenever I get a school email, I get a sound notification for it, but then it just shows up in the message inbox with that check mark--not bolded, no notification--so if I'm not paying attention or if I'm sleeping, I'm not realizing that these are new emails coming in.

    Just as a quick note, I did a test and emailed that address directly, to make sure it wasn't a problem with the forwarding, and that also came with just the stupid check mark.

    I need to have the envelope and red asterisk notifications on these emails and I'm not sure why the other Yahoo and Gmail email addresses do this and all of a sudden, this one stopped (as it was working properly before).

    I have done a battery pull and this hasn't helped and all the options for each email address appear to be set the same and I haven't done anything to change this.

    Sorry for the long thread message, but I wanted to make sure I explained myself well.

    Anyone who can help, I'd REALLY appreciate it!
    05-14-10 08:26 AM
  2. anon4705193's Avatar
    For the gmail that's not working maybe remove it from your BIS then re-add it, and see if that solves the issue?
    05-14-10 08:27 AM
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    thanks cdowner, I was going to do that BUT new realization -- if I send an email to that Gmail account from my Yahoo address, I get an envelope/red asterisk notification. It seems to be just me getting emails, forwarded or direct, from my school Outlook exchange email that results in the check mark and no envelope/red asterisk.

    Thus, the problem appears to be with Outlook exchange, I think? Anyone have tips for that? I do want to receive the message through Gmail as this isn't something I have or want to set up as a separate email address since I have multiple school emails all going to it (I have classes at more than one university)
    05-14-10 08:36 AM
  4. 701's Avatar
    It happens to me sometimes with the Yahoo acount but I think it has to do with the fact that I usually have my Outlook started on my laptop and BB "sees" the email as read and matches the status on the phone. The led is still flashing yellow (the color I have for Y mail) as in a new email arriving.
    05-14-10 08:43 AM
  5. laxpinkie's Avatar
    hey 701..thanks for that input, but i never have my outlook started when this is happening.

    i just did a quick test and changed my rule that forwards my email in outlook, so it's forwarding to my yahoo account instead of my gmail one. guess what? i get the envelope/red asterisk! so i changed the rule back to the gmail account that i want to receive the messages and lo and behold, no notification.

    so that whole part where i said it was an outlook issue...scratch that. it seems to be an issue in getting emails from my outlook--forwarded or directly mailed--to my one gmail account. is there a gmail setting i'm missing?

    i just want this to work and am getting frustrated, you know? especially as it had been working just fine and i didn't change any settings
    05-14-10 08:47 AM
  6. laxpinkie's Avatar
    ugggghh i think i just need to step back from this for a few as it's really getting irritating and every time i try something, it's like there's a new issue.

    ok, here's what i can tell you now.

    if i email from yahoo to this gmail account--i get the right notifications

    if i email from outlook to this gmail account--i don't get the notifiers

    if i email from this gmail account to itself--i don't get the notifiers

    if i email from any address or receive any emails to my school account that forwards to this gmail account--i don't get the notifiers

    if i set up my outlook rule to forward to my yahoo account--i get the correct notifications

    so, it appears there is an issue with this gmail account properly syncing up with my phone. i get the messages, but not the notifications. i did go in to blackberry internet service and delete this account and re-add it but it has not helped the above issues.

    thanks to everyone for any suggestions to help fix this
    05-14-10 09:13 AM