1. stiggy1605's Avatar
    I have a Curve 8520 on OS, Blackberry Desktop Software, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (fully updated)

    I'm currently using a 4GB card, it works with the desktop software and syncs music fine. When mass storage mode is activated, it shows up in My Computer.

    But I've just gotten an 8GB card, which does none of this. I put it in my BB and it formatted it, connected it by USB and enabled mass storage, but the desktop software says:

    Media Services Are Not Available

    If your BlackBerry device is using a Bluetooth connection or is not connected to your computer, you need to connect it with a USB cable to import and synchronize media. If your device is already connected, reconnect it to start a new connection. Your device must have mass storage mode turned on and a media card or additional built-in media storage for media files.
    Also when first plugging my BB into my computer, it shows up as a removable disk in My Computer, but when I enable mass storage it just disappears completely. The card does show up right in the BB settings though, says the card is 7.4GB and has 7.4GB free.

    I've tried battery pull, reformatting several times with the BB, reformatting several times in Windows after plugging the card directly into my PC, and I'm out of ideas. Anyone got any idea why it's not working right?
    01-31-11 09:39 AM
  2. blueyestm's Avatar
    if you've done all that its most possibly a bad card.
    01-31-11 10:37 AM
  3. stiggy1605's Avatar
    if you've done all that its most possibly a bad card.
    The card works fine if I use it with a microSD USB adapter thing, just not when it's in my phone.
    01-31-11 02:19 PM