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    Hi guys i was wondering if you can me i have been playing about with my phone over the weekend trying to get used to my new devise,i seem to of messed about with it and now everytime i set my email icon just for emails and my sms icon just for sms it just keeps putting both email and sms in both even tho i saved it, it seems to do this everytime i turn my phone off and i have lost my email icon with the little world symbol on it and now its just and envelope, is there anyway of getting my setting back to the way they where when i got it from the shop and start from scratch. Im really anoyed with myself as i shouldnt of messed with things im not sure about.
    02-22-10 05:17 AM
  2. fcknbambola's Avatar
    Have you accidentally hidden your email icon? Bring up your apps screen, hit menu & select 'show all'. See if it's there.

    As for your settings going back to normal every time you reboot your phone, that's weird. If you're in your messaging options & you set your lists to 'separate' then it should remain that way. Sounds like a bug/glitch. Try doing a complete reset (alt + shift + del) & try again. See if that works.

    As far as factory settings go, if you want to try that method you'd need to go to Security Options & wipe your device. That would be wiping it clean. Idk how much you've customized over the weekend, but you'll lose all data. The phone will be like new.

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    02-22-10 05:49 AM
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    If you do wipe your phone, be aware that you will need your carrier to send the service books again.

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    02-22-10 07:14 AM
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    ok cheers. I think it worked what you said to do, but i will not be doing what it did last time ever again lol
    02-22-10 07:55 AM