08-06-13 08:09 PM
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    My wife had a torch that I had to pry out of her hands and replace with a q10. After a day she absolutely loved it and God bless her, she is not a change embracing person by any stretch of the imagination.

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    08-06-13 05:04 PM
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    And this person is from the US, a Q5 makes no sense. Usually I agree with you, but gotta read first my man

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    I'm on the app, I can't see that he's in the US, and it doesn't say in his main post. I read it over to make sure. Also, he could be from a border state.

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    08-06-13 05:45 PM
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    Hi, although I am not a Blackberry user (Don't kill me lol) My Mother is. She has a Blackberry Torch that she got about 3 days after they made there debut (Hopefully that answers what kind it is), and it is pretty much dying on her. It runs slow and just doesn't do anything she wants it to do. Now, while I've tried to persuade her to get a Galaxy phone or something along the lines of that, she continues to say how she wants her Blackberry and how it's "old person" friendly. Now here's what I need to know, my Mom HATES touch screen texting, she would much rather have her keyboard, she also wants something newer though, oh and she just wants a phone that is Pinterest friendly. Since I know nothing about Blackberry at all, I'd appreciate help on which Blackberry she should get, even if she'd have to buy a separate keyboard for a phone at this point.
    Clear the Cache in the Browser, Facebook, Twitter and any other App that has a Cache.

    Save all Media, music, photos, videos etc etc to the SD Card.

    On the home screen hold alt and press lglg then options and clear log. As long as the Application Memory is to low, it should run smother and faster. Do this as often as need be.

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    08-06-13 05:53 PM
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    I'll go with the OS7 9900 or 9930. The price is reasonable and not much of a learning curve from her Torch. I know some of you have no issues learning the BB10, if she is having any issues not even OP can help her.
    08-06-13 08:09 PM
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