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    Hey everyone, OK, I've been a BB user for YEARS and I got a friend to finally switch over to BB and he loves it, OK. So as soon as we walk out of the store with his shiny new 8900, we pop in the sim and the WAP site loads and we put in our email addresses that we want to sync, and great. OK, so he wants me to format it with a newer OS, no problem. So The problem is that now I try to go to the mobileemail.vodafone.es website, to add/remove email addresses, filters, resend service books and such, and I can't get in because we never made an account. We directly added from the blackberry itself, and when I go to new user, I put in his IMEI and PIN and it says it's already registered. But we never made a username or password!

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the User name and password to get into the BIS email accounts?

    Thanks a bunch!
    05-10-09 11:24 AM
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    If u ring up vodafone they will sort out a username and password to get onto the BIS via a PC.

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    05-11-09 04:35 AM