1. Gawain's Avatar
    The Onyx pics on the blog had me wondering, and I realized I am missing something here...bear with me as I sort this out...the models, their codenames, etc...

    Recently released:
    82xx Pearl Flip - aka Kickstart
    8900 Curve - aka Javelin
    9000 Bold
    95xx Storm - aka Thunder

    Around the corner:
    8520 - aka Gemini ??
    9220 Curve - aka Magnum ?? 3G version of the 89xx (GSM series)
    9630 Tour - aka Niagara aka 9030? aka CDMA variant of the 9000 Bold?
    XXxx Onyx - ??
    9900 - Bold? Pluto?

    So, my question is what segment is the Onyx slated to fill? Is it a successor to the 9000 Bold?

    The 9900 is the anticipated QWERTY/Touch Screen, correct?
    The 8520 has the user replaceable face-plate, correct?

    Where am I tracking correctly or incorrectly?
    05-11-09 07:12 AM