1. ama0123's Avatar
    I just got my curve 8530 a few days ago and haven't had too many issues minus the whole lack of battery power. Anyways, i seem to be missing my bb maps/gps icons. I have searched through everything and they don't seem to be on the phone. In the advanced settings there is a quick menu for both, but I can't find them anywhere (i'm on Koodo!). Please help
    12-20-10 01:48 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Do you have the BlackBerry Add-On from Koodo!?

    Also, there's no "icon" for GPS.
    12-20-10 01:58 PM
  3. pqcjohn's Avatar
    Try going to the main page and press the Blackberry button. Make sure "Hide All" is unchecked. It might pop up.

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    12-20-10 02:03 PM
  4. ama0123's Avatar
    yep! i have the bb add-on.
    12-20-10 02:14 PM
  5. albee 1's Avatar
    Just open your maps app then press Menu/Find location. My maps icon looks like a compass.

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    12-21-10 06:21 PM
  6. aznlgcy's Avatar
    Do you have Koodo's Blackberry Connect Plan?

    If you have the Blackberry Social Plan it won't work as you need BIS data. But its up to you if you use the data enough at a $25/month vs Social at $10/month
    12-21-10 06:23 PM
  7. ama0123's Avatar
    So i ended up emailing Koodo. They said in the email that the maps/gps is not compatible with the 8530. However, i ended up downloading the bb maps with my Wifi. And my maps/GPS totally works! Clearly koodo doesn't know what they are taking about. I have the social plan and somehow i'm getting this to work! I'm not going to question, i'm just going to go with it. Thanks!
    12-22-10 09:11 AM
  8. aznlgcy's Avatar
    Just a heads up you can get it to work with your plan (just not pushed) but you may incur additional data charges if you are using it not connected to wifi. The BB Maps will download the maps from online, it isn't actually ever saved on your phone
    12-22-10 10:19 AM