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    Tonight I started the process of upgrading one of our Bolds OS's (thru Desktop Manager) as it was running very poorly. The process got thru the "Backing Up" stage I know, and got thru the loading of the new OS stage. Catastrophe struck then, as my computer shut off randomly right as it was going into the "Restore" stage. So, I let my computer restart, and the bold restarted, and had the upgraded OS loaded, only without any of my info.
    At the time I wasn't too concerned, thinking that I could just restore the data from the "Backup" file, but now I am definitely worried, as there is no backup file anywhere on my computer! I have never changed the folder to save it in, and I have checked the "My Documents\BlackBerry\Backup" folder that it should be in. Does anyone have any idea/help as to where the data might be on my pc? I am using Windows 7, I have tried searching for files with todays date and files ending in .ipd and am not coming up with anything. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.
    08-30-10 01:46 AM
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    I have found a file called "LoaderBackup-(2010-08-29).ipd" in the Blackberry Backups folder and its labeled with the date and time that I was doing the upgrade, but it isn't an option when I selct "Restore" in Desktop Manager, is this not a file I can use??
    08-30-10 02:07 AM
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    I have found a file called "LoaderBackup-(2010-08-29).ipd" in the Blackberry Backups folder and its labeled with the date and time that I was doing the upgrade, but it isn't an option when I selct "Restore" in Desktop Manager, is this not a file I can use??
    In BB Desktop 5, when you click on the Device Tab above and click restore you should see the ipd files in the list with the dates of backup. Ive checked mine and found 3 different backups and when i check the back folder there are also 3 ipd files. So theres no way it wouldnt show up if you have valid ipd files.

    On second thought try renaming those files to something like "BlackBerry Bold 9000.ipd" you DM should recognize it.
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    08-30-10 05:56 AM
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    Can you Browse and locate the file yourself? Have you done any other backups yourself in the past. Have you searched your entire computer for *.ipd files?

    I know it's a bit late, but whenever I do an OS upgrade, I do my own manual backup first. Then let the OS upgrade process create its own - that way I feel safer in case something goes amiss.

    Good luck getting stuff back.
    08-30-10 08:25 AM
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    I don't have my PC in front of me so you'll need to look for the right screen, but open DM, backup restore, advanced. You'll be able to browse to find that loader file you saw, try selecting it to populate the box on the left with it's contents. You can then use the arrows between the boxes to move the files you want on your device to the box on the right, then click next to install them. I'm not sure it'll work with that file but you can give it a shot.

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    08-30-10 08:51 AM
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    I agree with the others. The backup/restore option, and either "restore" or "advanced" should both work, unless somehow your .ipd file is corrupt. Do you have any other .ipd files you could try?

    I have my DM set to automatically back up the device when connected, which isn't a bad idea so you get a periodic backup without even having to think about it.

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    08-30-10 09:38 AM
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    Going into the Advanced backup menu, you should be able to select a backup file from an explorer-type box. You may have to navigate to it, but it should give you the option to restore the selected backup.
    08-30-10 10:17 AM
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    Thanks for the responses. Here's where I'm at, I am using Desktop Manager, and have done the advanced search for the file in the restore menu, but when I look in the folder while doing so, the "LoaderBackup-(2010-08-29).ipd" doesn't show up. I will try renaming it, as suggested, and hope that works, as I can find the file if I manually go thru the folder options on my computer.
    As for having another backup, sadly I do not. I just got this computer because my previous computer that has all my backups on it died on me, along with the hard drive info. So it has not been a good month for electronics and myself. To top things off, I'm on the road for another week, and am missing some vital info that was on my Bold now. Normally I do make a manual backup first before upgrading an OS, but was tired and said "Screw it, I'm tired and nothing bad has ever happened before". Bad form on my part....
    08-30-10 01:21 PM
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    Success! If anyone has similar issues, here is what I did- I copied the file ""LoaderBackup-(2010-08-29).ipd" which would not show up as a restore option, renamed the copy as suggested in the thread. It then showed up in the advanced restore options, but as I tried to restore it, it got hung up restoring at the MMS messages it was trying to load into the blackberry, so I did a battery pull and started again. It got hung up at the same point.
    So then I started over again after restarting the Bold and getting an "Error 552" message, this time I went into the Restore options and Unchecked the MMS portions of data to be restored, and the rest of the restore went off without a hitch. I am assuming that the MMS part of the Restore was corrupt and causing the majority of the issues, and thankfully the MMS pics and stuff were not important to me.
    Thank you to all those that helped, hopefully this thread will go on to helps someone else who may have a similar issue in the future. Lesson learned on my part, NEVER upgrade without a manual backup first, even if I am in a rush.
    08-30-10 02:54 PM