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    Hi, new to CB. I really need help signing into hotmail with my blackberry. I'd really rather not use the "sign up for blackberry mail and have hotmail forwarded to it" method.

    I do have hotmail plus and it works great, but every 12 hours or so it makes me sign in, which wouldn't be a huge problem if i could at least sign in with my blackberry. I sent a message to hotmail asking them about this problem, they sent me a response saying almost all problems can be solved by upgrading to windows live mail (even though it's the same exact thing as hotmail just a new name) they give me a link, i click on it, it makes me enter in some text to login and my blackberry is fine for 12 hours.

    I try to login but when i do it from my blackberry it takes me to a page where i enter my screen name and password instead of the jumbled text... i enter in my info then click "sign in" but the button does nothing, it doesn't load, it's a dead button that does nothing. so there's no way for me to sign in from my blackberry... and i hate having to get to a computer every 12 hours to login through such an obscure way as using hotmails help letter, not even the hotmail webpage.

    please help me, this little thing is a huge annoyance for me, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    10-03-07 06:28 AM
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    Tom, why not just set up your Hotmail account thru BIS? This is not the same as forwarding from Hotmail. Just go to your carriers BIS site (there's probably a "setup e-mail" link on your BB), create an account, and enter your Hotmail account info. Then BIS will push your Hotmail to your BB.

    You can have up to 10 e-mail accounts pushed through BIS.

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    10-03-07 07:01 AM
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    i did that actually. and it works, but sometimes, as spam protection to keep people from sending junk mails out, it makes me log back in so i'm able to send mails again. so every 12 hours or so i have to get to a computer and login because it won't let me login wityh my blackberry.

    my problem isn't receiving my mail (although sometimes when it does log me out my mails do come through much slower than normal)

    my problem is sending mail, i can't send mail soemtimes because i have to login every 12 hours. and i can't login from my blackberry, i have to login from a computer.

    i can get to the login screen from my blackberry but when i enter my info and hit "Login" the button does nothing... it's a dead end.

    it's just a terrible annoyance and inconvience to have to get to a computer sometimes if i'm not around one to log back in... it defeats the purpose of having the blackberry.

    thanks for the info though, any other recomendations?
    10-03-07 08:21 AM
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    Slick- Let me get this straight. You went to the blackberry sprint website and set up your hotmail account in the BIS and yet you have to sign in? Something is wrong here. Once you set up an account in the BIS there is no need to sign in or out to send or receive mail. It is done automatically through the BIS.
    10-03-07 09:02 AM
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    i know it should be. that's why it's so frusterating to me. i have to sign in every 12 hours or so, it might be after i send a certain number of emails or a certain number of e-mails in a time frame... i don't know really.

    but yes, i use nextel... i set up my BIS account with my hotmail e-mail address. and it works great except for the signing in part... which as annoying as it is wouldn't be so bad at all if i could login from my blackberry.

    i don't have a blackberry e-mail address that they offer.... i don't want one, even if it's just to forward through my hotmail. i'm happy with my hotmail... or at least i was until this happened. i've had hotmail since around 2000... everyone knows this as my e-mail i don't want to change it.

    hope this clears some of it up. thanks again everyone.
    10-03-07 09:10 AM
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    also i was wondering where i could get some free midi or wav versions of ringtones for my 7100i... but that's not important at all... i'm really more concerned about getting the e-mail working properly... just a side though. THANKS!
    10-03-07 09:11 AM
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    still have yet to figure it out... can anyone please help me? it might have something to do with flash... is there a way to get a free mobile version of flash or soemthing for my 7100i..... if not then anything at all please, i need some help with this it's so frusterating
    10-03-07 05:50 PM
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    Not a clue! Sorry Bud!
    10-03-07 06:13 PM
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    no problem... does anyone know?
    10-03-07 07:13 PM