1. joeblow21's Avatar
    hey just wonderin how to get an internet browser so i can just look at stuff online? this stuff is high tech to me lol
    05-13-09 06:24 AM
  2. KReeseBerry's Avatar
    mine came with the browser. Do you have a globe icon on your screen
    05-13-09 06:30 AM
  3. KReeseBerry's Avatar
    Do you know how to use blackberry messenger? If so, you can message me
    Pin is
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    05-13-09 06:31 AM
  4. Iceman's Avatar
    Go to options>advanced options>host routing table>menu>register now that should get ya goin...
    05-13-09 06:32 AM
  5. joeblow21's Avatar
    yea it has the globe, and no i dont know how to use the messenger. thanks for the help. im just tryin to get on like ebay and what not
    05-13-09 06:32 AM
  6. radioguinea's Avatar
    The best thing to do, is on your computer, find the mobile alternative to a site. for ebay, i believe its m.ebay.com

    This will load faster, and look better on your phone's screen.
    05-13-09 06:34 AM
  7. Iceman's Avatar
    If it has the globe go to browser>menu>go to: http://???? then hit trackball...
    05-13-09 06:34 AM