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    Remember when BlackBerry was really taking their device to the (then) next level and they were releasing the Pearl 8100 and the 8800? They had a website that highlighted the trackball on the devices, giving you an entry page to click on one phone or the other and go to a feature page.

    On one of those pages there was this ambient loop playing that just sort of gently rose and fell. I used to just leave the site up to use it as background music at work. I think that was the Pearl page.

    Then it seems like on the entry page there was a loop where you would hear a female vocalist repeat the phrase, "I've been waiting... for you"

    These may have been the same song, but I don't remember it that way.

    Does anyone have any clue whether these were taken from something commercial or crafted by the ad agency? If it was from an album I would love to pick it up. Why am I asking this question six years after the fact? Good question!
    02-27-12 12:55 PM