1. isaac9684's Avatar
    will my phone still work after i let it dry out
    08-13-08 09:29 AM
  2. pgregory's Avatar
    hard to say, you'll have to let it dry out first. No guarantees and it may stink a bit.
    08-13-08 09:30 AM
  3. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    sorry to hear that try this! Dont try to turn it on.

    08-13-08 09:31 AM
  4. jsnole's Avatar
    Hopefully it will be ok and not crap out...ok..i had to!!!

    This comming from someone that was told by his wife she flushed her phone down the toliet, you know one of the turbo non clogging industrial toliets... It was in her pocket and fell just as she was pushing the lever...They even called a minute later and they could hear it ringing in the wall...after that..it was dead. Had to tell Assurion (sp) that whole story to get another one..

    I do feel your pain!!!
    08-13-08 09:38 AM
  5. sam123gil's Avatar
    Never take your phone in the restroom! Never take your phone near water. Never leave it unattended. Just a few rules to follow and your berry will last for ever.

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    08-13-08 09:47 AM
  6. bmcclure937's Avatar
    Sorry to say, if your Berry was fully submerged while powered on... it is probably a goner

    Under minor water exposure you may be able to quickly remove the battery (to prevent further circuit damage) and then throw the device into a bag of rice to wick away water... but complete submersion is usually not hopeful
    08-13-08 09:49 AM
  7. 49ways's Avatar
    will my phone still work after i let it dry out
    I hope you washed your hands maniacally!
    08-13-08 09:50 AM
  8. SandAngel's Avatar
    I washed my old one in the washer quite a few times and it recoverd. Once it had to sit for a MONTH "Go fIGURE" before it worked again

    Just don't power up for at least a week in my opinion and then give it a try. if it still won't work I probably would get another but SAVE rhe old one because yo never know if it will leap to life like my one that suddenly worked a month later
    08-13-08 09:54 AM
  9. Lovewalk218's Avatar
    ooo so sorry to hear that! i was holding my berry so tight when i went near the pool lol i hear if you submerge your berry in a bag of rice for a day it will completely dry out
    08-13-08 09:54 AM
  10. BNHabs's Avatar
    Dropped my turned on BB in a Lake for 2 minutes. Pulled the battery and let it sit unused for 2 days. Works like new.
    08-13-08 10:14 AM
  11. OregonRealEstateDiva's Avatar
    Been there...done that...
    my fam asked if it was before or after...ewwwwwwwww..
    08-13-08 10:14 AM
  12. HD123's Avatar
    ha.. memories... that's what happened with my first cell like 10 or 12 years ago.
    08-13-08 10:31 AM
  13. fonebrkr's Avatar
    Having a couple buds that work in brick and mortar stores, i'm told this is their favorite of all customer service issues, this is what you need to do;
    get some distilled, deionized water and with the battery out soak the phone in it for approximately an hour,
    pull the phone out and insert it in a ziplock bag and go to the nearest corp store for your carrier, take the still dripping phone from the bag and quickly go hand it to the first available csr, after they have the phone firmly in their grasp explain what happened, and enjoy the moment, i've heard blue food coloring makes the reaction even more enjoyable.
    On your way home grab a bag of rice and put the phone in the bag on a sunny window sill for a couple days.
    Keep an eye on eBay and craigslist for a decent deal on a used phone, but if you powered down quickly the DI water and rice should buy you from 6 months to a year of life.

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    08-13-08 10:33 AM
  14. isaac9684's Avatar
    don't worry, there was nothing besides water in the toilet when that happened. I already have a replacement being shipped. thanks for all the advice.
    08-13-08 10:35 AM
  15. dunsuni's Avatar
    will my phone still work after i let it dry out
    Did you make sure you flushed?
    08-13-08 10:37 AM
  16. mckaymike's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that......I have also heard about putting your phone in rice.
    08-13-08 11:09 AM
  17. pearloid's Avatar
    When I got my old phone wet, i just put it in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes then put it in the freezer for about 5 to cool it off. After that, the thing worked like new, until i got my BB
    08-13-08 11:25 AM
  18. raychelabcdefg's Avatar
    The thing that saved a phone of mine and 2 of my bf was baking it in the oven on the lowest heat possible for about an hour. Just make sure the battery is out!

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    08-13-08 08:57 PM
  19. wv1973's Avatar
    If it's still wet put it in rice. Just take a bowl fill it half way with rice, put your phone in and bury the rest with rice.

    This will help to absorb all the moisture out of the phone. If you have a whole wack of those silicone beads that come packaged with electronics, this would work too, but not too many people have large amounts of those.

    The phone should power on, you'll probably need to change the battery, and eventually your leads inside the phone will corrode, but at least you should get a bit more use out of the phone.

    Hope this helps.
    08-13-08 09:04 PM
  20. orle8050's Avatar
    So Sorry to hear, did you have insurance that covers water damage?
    08-13-08 09:13 PM
  21. mobiman's Avatar
    Sorry for your loss mate, lucky you got your replacement. I guess lesson learned from this tradgedy of yours.

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    08-13-08 09:22 PM
  22. clairegrrl's Avatar
    After dropping in the toilet, I always recommend drying in the microwave for about 45 seconds
    08-13-08 09:58 PM
  23. bnpimpn's Avatar
    I also experienced this sad time but my reflexes were good....I quickly nabbed it outa the pea water and pulled the battery out. I left it on a air purifier for 5 days.... And I turned it on worked like new....freezing up and everything(it was an htc. s720) I was waiting for my 5th replacement htc at the time. I pulled all the water stickers off and replaced them with other cell phone stickers I had lying around and took it back...they returned it for repair. somehow they said I had destroid the "void sticker" (which was the only thing I didn't tamper with) I got charged 100 bucks for the repair. Then raised **** and got my bb curve for 300 dollars off...and they also gave me every part of my plan for free...(Unlimited Text msgs,business plan) ,.everything except the unlimited data charge. I also read the oven thing, and the rice....I would have to agree that soaking it with distilled water then drying it in rice.if your fast with removing the battery... The second biggest enemy here is corosion...which takes place over time, that's where the distilled water comes in..it should remove most of the debree. And drying it completely over the course of 5 days. (I know you've already got everything under control but for others who may need help) also if the battery got wet depending on the phone some of the batteries water stickers have some kind of conducting additive so that once it trips it changes color and activates it so that it won't work anymore.....that is until you remove the sticker on the battery. Hopefully next time you just put tape over the water stickers for less warranty issues if you don't have that insurance on ur phone. I'm sorry this is so long but this info would have saved me a lot of headaches at the time.
    08-13-08 10:57 PM
  24. BerrifiedPrincess's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me the same day you posted this. My pearl fell out of my back pocket into the toilet. I immediately took it out and dried the outside w/a towel then took out the battery sim and memory card n let it sit out over night. The next morning I put it all back together everything worked but when my mom called I couldn't hear her and she couldn't hear me. Thought it was broken for good so I got a curve. A few days passed n I tried to make a call on my pearl one last time and IT WORKED! It may not work for a couple days n then start working again.
    So have you got it to work?

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    08-18-08 08:55 PM