1. daniellenicole6459's Avatar
    i have an icon with a little white envelope with a black circle in the middle and a red dot at the to. whenever i click on my drop screen that shows the upcoming calendar events, texts, etc. it doesnt show anything. it has been here for a while. i have checked BBM, my email, etc. i dont know what it is and it's really starting to bother me. HELP! PLEASE.
    03-19-12 11:23 PM
  2. BEARD GANG's Avatar
    Show me a screenshot please

    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 Device
    03-19-12 11:41 PM
  3. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Check your message folder. There should be something there.
    03-19-12 11:41 PM
  4. rrrebo's Avatar
    It's an AppWorld update notification, I believe. Open AppWorld and go to My World.
    03-20-12 08:21 AM
  5. TroyPoseidon's Avatar
    I think the app world notification is the black circle with the berry sign and the red dot. I dot recall it being a white envelope
    03-20-12 08:51 AM
  6. blackberrygirlvenezuela's Avatar
    i have the same problem...
    03-20-12 10:21 AM