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    i just got the curve the other day. I own a biz and have a virtual assistant that takes voicemails, faxes, etc...when i get a voicemail, it comes to my email as an attached mp3. however, when i go to open it, it says that the attachment is unrecognizable. can anyone help me? this is the main reason i went with the BB and if it doesn't work, then i would have been better off with my other phone.
    09-18-08 04:44 PM
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    Decoding audio
    Decoding, on the other hand, is carefully defined in the standard. Most decoders are "bitstream compliant", which means that the decompressed output - that they produce from a given MP3 file - will be the same (within a specified degree of rounding tolerance) as the output specified mathematically in the ISO/IEC standard document (ISO/IEC 11172-3).

    The MP3 file has a standard format, which is a frame that consists of 384, 576, or 1152 samples (depends on MPEG version and layer), and all the frames have associated header information (32 bits) and side information (9, 17, or 32 bytes, depending on MPEG version and stereo/mono). The header and side information help the decoder to decode the associated Huffman encoded data correctly.

    Therefore, comparison of decoders is usually based on how computationally efficient they are (i.e., how much memory or CPU time they use in the decoding process).

    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    There are several variation in MP3 encoding, but the decoding process is standardized.

    edit correction, BlackBerry Attachment Service does not handle MP3 file types.

    When you receive a MP3 attachment in an email, you can double click it or press Menu / Open Attachment. That should open a dialogue box with Preview and Download and Play buttons.

    Preview Opens Media Player and plays back the file. Intersting note, there is noticable of sound quality.

    Download and Play captures the file with the same quality as the original.

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    download the file to device.

    and i could have sworn i made the same response to the same person with the same question this morning.

    edit: yep. not verbatim on my part, but did mention to "try to save attachment instead". http://forums.crackberry.com/f52/att...s-email-73490/
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    Gee Oakie, the OP has two posts...could you just be delusional? Lemme go check.
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    hey okie, you did reply back but i am new to this site and couldn't figure out how to get back to my old posts and see how what you responded to. I am sorry, new to the site and to blackberry.
    09-18-08 10:39 PM