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    Here's the situation.
    Performed a full wipe - reinstalled OS on old curve which I gave to my gf. I had a yahoo address. Set up the yahoo addy on my new blackberry (with my new operator).
    Now my gf is getting all my yahoo emails and so am I.
    I checked the service book on my old BB and there's no entry for my yahoo address.
    ANyone know how I can tackle this one?
    BTW I no longer have access to my old telco website where I set up this addy.
    Any help/guidance would be appreciated.
    06-06-08 05:37 PM
  2. Realestatepro's Avatar
    you need to log on to the blackberry website and remove the emails that are associated from that pin.... eventhough you removed these accts from the phone they are still being hosted from the Site itself... or you could call your service provider and they can remove it...

    this link will take you to the email setup...BlackBerry - BlackBerry Smartphone and Email Setup just find your SProvider from the list and it will take you to the login page...

    (if someone feels i am wrong and has another solution please correct me )
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    06-06-08 05:41 PM
  3. Tylerd's Avatar
    No, you are right. You have to delete them from the site, and then add her email.

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    06-06-08 09:18 PM