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    While it's a long shot, I'm hoping the power of the blackberry community can help convince Google to develop a native app for google+ (And hopefully reconsider their decision to recently pull google app support)

    We can debate the pros/cons of google plus, in fact I barely use it since there's no native app so Google should be incentivised to bring this to all platforms. This is more about principalsand having companies develop apps for the major platforms equally (An Android and iPhone app exist)

    Anyways, there is a way to provide feedback to Google and I suggest that we all try and do it. Login to google+ from your blackberry (plus.google.com), go to the bottom of the page and click the "send feedback" link. It's important to do this from your BB so that it registers as "mobile feedback". I personally put in there that I rarely login from my blackberry because it's near impossible to use and as a result default to Facebook for my social interactions on the road due to native app support.

    Post a reply if you sent the feedback to google so we can get a sense of how many requests Google recieves.
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