1. ncmomgoinczy's Avatar
    A tech support pushed my service book yesterday when I noticed I didn't have my hotmail folder on my bb (this was done after we did a whipe of the bb). So I wanted to test my email and went to my gmail account on my laptop and sent an email to my hotmail account. The email went to my hotmail account on my laptop but I was waiting for it to go to my bb. No LED blinking red or red notification on the folder. I opened it anyway and seen it was there with a check mark next to it rather then the yellow evelope. I'm curious about this. Then about a minute later the LED starts flasing red and I just recieved that same email, with the envelope (normal) and another email. Does anyone know why this happened?
    07-08-10 07:22 AM
  2. anon4705193's Avatar
    Do you happen to also have that gmail account on your phone? I've noticed that with gmail it now also shows your sent messages with a check mark, even if they are from your laptop.

    Also, Hotmail is known to be slow on the bb. Search "hotmail" and there is a whole thread about it.
    07-08-10 09:59 AM
  3. ncmomgoinczy's Avatar
    gmail is linked to my bb and I never had any problems with hotmail. It was just odd that when she pushed my service books the one email came with a check mark through hotmail and then a minute later I got the email again the normal way.
    07-08-10 04:12 PM
  4. TheRemoteUnlockercom's Avatar
    the problem is that you need to set up a filter on your bis account under the gmail account to not send emails from the gmail account to your bb

    the email you see right after sending the email from gmail is the 'sent' email..not the received. Because Gmail folders are set up differently on their site than all other email providers, blackberry's can't sort them properly.

    Solution: set up the filter and you'll be golden
    07-08-10 06:24 PM