1. kladner's Avatar
    I updated my OS last night using Crackmem but am not sure that the phone was wiped. After clicking wipe it asked me to type in "WipeMyPhone" but I really don't think it did it. It immediately opened the app loader and started installing the OS. Can someone explain if it did wipe or did I miss something?
    01-28-09 07:44 AM
  2. LDubs's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry about it, wiping manually is not 100% necessary as part of an upgrade. In fact as part of the upgrade process, Desktop Mgr basically backs up your current databases, wipes your BB, installs the new OS and restores your databases back. I've upgraded my Pearl a couple of times using CrackMem without wiping it manually and it has worked flawlessly.

    Check your About, Status and double-check that the new OS version is listed there. If it is, you're good to go.
    01-28-09 08:12 AM