1. bastband's Avatar
    Looking to buy my first Blackberry smartphone.
    I think the 8520 will suffice, I want to browse internet a bit and receive/send email, will I need 3G for that?
    I wonder if anyone can advise me if the internet usage and mail usage are charged seperately or just as normal call time, with all the different operator packages available, it is a little confusing.
    Sorry if this just me being dense,

    Many thanks in advance
    03-01-10 01:34 PM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    Go around the networks and see what tarrifs are available within your price range and this will affect either which phone you'll get for free or the price you pay for the phone of your choice.

    I'm with Orange in the UK and how it works is I pay for my mobile tarrif which gives me my call minutes and unlimited sms etc and then I Blackberry is an add on to your account. I think it's around 2.50 - 3.00 per month with Orange. This Blackberry add on will give you your internet usage, and access to the Blackberry push email, BBM and PIN services.

    If you are getting the phone for internet and email then perhaps 3G should be a consideration for you. I started with an 8300 which was 2G and I upgraded to the 9000 as soon as it was available as I found I could do so much on the Blackberry that I hadn't done before that I wanted the 3G back that I had had on my previous phone to the 8300.

    Depending on your monthly allowance to spend on a contract you may find you can get the 9700 for free (which is what I now use). This is accepted as the top of the line Blackberry so if you can get this then do so.

    I know friends with the 8520 and it's a good phone which does the Blackberry basics well. However, if you're ever looking to take pics on your phone (a secondary concern) the 8520 doesn't have a flash.

    A lot of friends have now got the 9700 and I haven't heard anyone say a bad word about it.
    03-01-10 06:32 PM
  3. nhs_john_doe's Avatar
    I have just got my first Berry after a couple of months reading reviews etc.I settled on the 9700 with O2. My tariff gives me 600 Min's,unlimited text & unlimited internet/email with the Blackberry add on ( 7.50 a month extra ) The phone wasn't free I had to pay 50 but that's my choice. The total monthly cost of 37.50 my not be to everybodys pocket but if you want unlimited internet you will need the Blackberry add on.
    Can't fault the phone it has a hard act to follow as my other phone is a Nokia N95 but up to now has not disappointed.
    03-09-10 02:43 PM
  4. inbarcation's Avatar
    I'm with vodafone I have a storm 9500 35 a month gets me 600mins,unlimited SMS, unlimited internet, free blackberry email, vodafone passport.and the device was free well not really nothings free is it !

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    03-09-10 03:29 PM
  5. nick_stags's Avatar
    I am with Orange, and have a 8520, and I pay 25 a month for 600 mins, unlimited texts and the blackberry bundle as well (which I get for free) So Orange might be worth a look for you mate. The 8520 is a cracking phone!
    03-10-10 09:51 AM
  6. Wes Borland's Avatar
    I got my 9700 (which I highly recommend) a fortnight ago.

    Go to the three store on-line (I can't post links as Im new here)

    Free Phone
    18 month contract
    30 per month - 500 mins, unlimted text/web

    Get yourself a micro SD card from memory bits website- I got a 16gb one and got rid of my obsolete mp3 player.
    03-10-10 02:52 PM
  7. James Richardson's Avatar
    I too an with Orange but I went with a business plan. I just gave them the name of my company. They didn't ask. If I owned it!
    I have a 9700 which was free and my 30 per month gets me 900 mins, 300 SMS and BlackBerry services 500mb.
    Definatly worth a look. It's good value and the Orange business customer services are fantastic.

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    03-10-10 05:07 PM
  8. sianisit's Avatar
    I'm with Orange for my 9700. 35 a month w/ 900 minutes, unlimited texts, Internet, email etc. And of course, Orange Wednesdays

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    03-10-10 07:33 PM