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    New here, and not too BB savvy yet. My son has an 8330 (I think), I have a Tour, and I am getting a Bold 9650 today. My son never upgrades his Curve. Just using it for texting and calls. It is old and I am giving him my Tour, which I do back up on Desktop. My question is, can someone please give me really specific instructions (or direct me to a post, I can't find one) to do a few things: How do I go about saving his info my my desktop software, and installing it on my Tour? How do I wipe my Tour before doing this? And how do I chnge all my backed up info into my Bold? Will I have to reset up my wifi and emails? thanks SO much, if anyone tackles this for me!
    12-28-10 11:23 AM
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    To save his info on your desktop, plug his 8330 into your computer and create a backup file of his device data. You can rename the file, so you can keep track of it easily so you can reload it on the Tour. I always save the file directly to my desktop, for quick reference.

    To wipe the Tour, go to the Options menu, select Security Options, and select Security Wipe. Check the boxes to delete e-mail, contacts, and User Installed Applications, type "BlackBerry" in the box, and select to wipe the device. You can pull your media card out of your Tour and put it in your new Bold, so don't wipe the media card. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR TOUR BEFORE YOU DO THE WIPE!! If you don't do a backup of your Tour prior to activating your Bold and performing a restore to your Bold you will loose all your information.

    The easiest thing to do is when you get your Bold, perform a Device Switch Wizard in the Desktop Manager to transfer all the information from your Tour to your Bold. It's a fairly straight forward process, it give you steps along the way. After you have confirmed that all your information has transferred over, then AND ONLY THEN wipe the Tour. You shouldn't have to reset your WiFi and e-mails after you do the Device Switch Wizard, it should transfer all of that information for you (at least to my understanding.)

    Technically, you can do the Device Switch Wizard to switch him to your Tour after you have completed your transition to the Bold, and finished the wipe on the Tour.
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    12-28-10 11:38 AM
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    One side note, 9630 doesn't have wifi, so you will be starting on the 9650 from scratch as far as wifi is concerned. Everything else posted above this is right on.
    12-28-10 11:51 AM