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    I would really appreciate some insight from anyone here who might have suggestions or experience with what is happening to me...

    I had a Blackberry since June 2006 and am connected through Verizon Wireless to my company's BES.

    Sporadicly my corporate emails stop forwarding to my Blackberry. I still receive the emails on my laptop via Outlook but am not receiving them on my BB. I can still SEND corporate emails from my Blackberry during this "outage"...

    My BB works perfectly otherwise:
    My personal "synced" emails come through (1 - @vzw.blackberry.net, 1 - @rr.com, 1 - @inbox.com)
    My browser connects to the internet flawlessly
    I can make phone calls perfectly!
    I have tried a battery pull

    I have contacted my corporate helpdesk and they are, as usual, helpless! They just keep repeating that it is a problem with my provider or device. How is it possible that Verizon is working perfectly with all of my other emails, but not my corporate email? How is it possible that I have perfect connectivity with internet, BIS and phone yet the connectivity is the problem with the device? ARGH!!!!!!! I am so frustrated right now!

    Can anyone here give me some insight from a BES perspective? Is there something that COULD cause this? They claim that no one else if having this problem. (I wonder if anyone else is just relectant to report the problem, as our helpdesk system is notorious for being HORRIBLE!!)

    Help me please!!!!
    04-17-08 09:50 AM
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    No easy answer, even for your IT folk within a large IT consultancy firm Typically when you have problems, for how long does your Blackberry not receive any email? Does it happen around the same time in the day? Week days only, during business hrs, or also on weekends? ie. when less email is being sent and received within your firm.

    Do your have colleagues within the firm you work whom also use a Verizon Blackberry, are connected to the sames BES server, and work in your physical vicinity? Do they experience similar BB problems?

    You need to start collecting definable evidence to show your IT folk, ie. noting the exact delivery times (delays) between email arriving in your desktop mailbox, and your Blackberry.

    Do you experience "clumping" ie. no emails, then 4-5 will arrive at once?

    Do you also experience delays in your Blackberry updating the read/unread status of messages?

    Is it likely that your firm has more than one BES server? *** Ask to moved to another one ***

    There are many possible causes. But if the cause was within the firm, and neither a Blackberry hardware issue, nor a Verizon issue, these are the areas that would need to be checked.

    Sounds like your IT dept. might be placing too many Blackberry accounts on a single BES server. RIM state that you can have up to a max. 2000 accounts/BES - snigger, nobody does this - RIM's recommendations are of course based on ultimate conditions, optimal IT infrastructure, network capacity and high disk performance of the mail-server etc. etc BES capacity is also very dependent on how many emails are going in/out of your firm, and mailbox size.

    No precise number can be given, some firms find 500 users per BES is their limit before performance hits of the type you are experiencing, other firms may achieve 1000+ - - - but within any organization it has to be closely monitored, especially when adding a fairly large group of new Blackbery users. Accounts must be balanced across the BES servers, in addition better have the mail-server and BES server as close as possible - ie not in two separate geographical locations, (not feet!)

    Performance of the BES can also be improved by running the attachment service on a separate server.
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    04-17-08 11:28 AM
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    Berryman -

    Thanks for the information! I spoke (again) with our helpdesk peeps yesterday with a bit more knowledge and confidence. I received an email a few moments ago and they are going to (and I quote) "move you mailbox to a lighter database and reactivate your BlackBerry afterwards".

    At least I know they are taking me seriously now!

    Thanks again!!!
    04-18-08 08:05 AM
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    Yeah, girl-power Perhaps you can confirm back if this helped.
    04-19-08 12:21 PM