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    I am currently using a BB 7250 through verizon. My company is making us switch over to sprint. We have a bb exchange server which is nice, but I need to give everything including a blood sample to get on it.

    I have some fellow co workers that have got the new treo 755 and really enjoy it. They are using a "dummy" email account to send our outlook email to their treo. I really like my 7250 for email, but the internet and other functionality are a little lacking. I have a BB pearl right now (for a trial), and like the online services and gps, but I was told that when I get the BES package I will not be able to use anything but internet.

    I was hoping that someone could explain to me what are the main differences between BB and Treo 755 from a business viewpoint.

    I am not necessarily sold on the pearl yet either, so other bb recommendations would be very welcome.

    Thank you for any help,
    02-02-08 06:15 AM