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    *** never mind issue has been corrected. **

    Okay I will try to keep this short. But I doubt it. I had my old style 9670 kicking around the house. My wife has been having problems with her Curve 3G. ( Both BB's were on Bell - Canada). So I decide to do the old ESN swap. First thing is first, I wiped the 9670 through DM. Then back up her Curve and called the carrier.

    Curve is SIM Card and 9670 was not, no issue I was told, ESN was swapped and the Style was up and running with the wife's number. Following morning she calls me asking why MY emails are coming through to her Style. I went through Service Books and no luck. Also we found that my BlackBerry I'd was also attached to the AppWorld on the Style.

    I called the carrier (Bell) and he removed the email address from the BIS Server and assured my he had removed the BBID associated with the 9670. Did the old battery pull. Voila - emails are gone but that dang BBID is still there. I have had her try and log on with hers numerous times and getting "can't connect to AppWorld Server" or along those lines. Also have done this 5 times connected to WIFI so I know it isn't the connection.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to wipe MY BBID from her 9670???? Her Playbook is still showing her BBID although we haven't Bridged as I can't get her the Bridge update and she has just upgraded to OS 2.0 on the PB.

    Crappy day to swap a phone I know. Any help would be great.

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