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    OK - I know there are other threads on this but I've done all that was recommended and still have the same problem.

    Today, for instance, I received about 100 emails on my BB.

    When I got to work and looked at Outlook (which had been open all day, although sleeping) only 97 of those emails were there. The other three never made it to outlook.

    I didn't delete any of the messages from the BB either. They are all still there.

    I have instructed Outlook to leave messages on the server *forever*. I have instructed Blackberry to delete on handheld only (shouldn't matter - didn't delete them.)

    Please help. I run a wedding venue, and if I miss even a single message it can mean a $50,000 client. Currently I am double and triple checking/comparing BB and Outlook to see what I miss each day. Sucks.
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    up - please?
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