1. 5dollarsheep's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I'm in quite the predicament. I have always loved blackberry's, and my contract is going to end at the end of the month. I was wondering if some of you guys can give me some feed back on which phone I should go for. I deal with AT&T and price isn't a problem. I just want what will be the best phone to stay reliable for 2 years in college. So should I jump for the 9700? or wait for the Bold Slider (Torch). I've been doing my research, I have been like addicted to this website for 4 months trying to decide on my new phone hahaha.

    BUT here's the problem, I currently have an iPhone, and am getting a new mac book pro. Should I just go with the new iPhone 4 then? To add insult to this blow, my contract ends on June 24th, the predicted release date of the iPhone 4.... quite ironic eh?

    So any suggestions on what I should do? I go to college in Philadelphia if that affects anything...
    06-15-10 10:17 PM
  2. rcnathan's Avatar
    Hey Sheep, and welcome to crackberry.

    I am sure you will get a different answer from people if you posted this same question on an iPhone forum. Almost all of us here love our Blackberry's. I know I do, so really the answer comes down to your personal preference.

    Whenever people come to me and ask what phone I think they should buy, I always ask them - what do you use your phone for? So - I will ask you that question as well. Maybe we can then help you out more.
    06-15-10 10:32 PM
  3. JDukeOSBB's Avatar
    Quite frankly, Sheep, I wish I could get my hands on the 9800 slider, but of course the iphone 4 looks real sweet. My personal preference would be the 9800, but ya know it really comes down to personal preference.
    Desktop manager for Blackberry is available for Mac so, that really isn't too much of an issue... go Blackberry man! You can always switch if you change your mind after having the 9800 for a week or so and get the iPhone, right?
    06-15-10 10:38 PM
  4. 5dollarsheep's Avatar
    I just would like to know what the best blackberry would be all around for me to use for 2 years, I don't wanna buy one and have a new one released in a couple weeks... I hate when the happens.. I use my phone for e-mail A LOT. Like a lot a lot more then I probably should lol. Then its mostly used for text/phone calls (mainly texts). Then finally I'd say its used for music, and used as a quick reference to get some info off the internet. Hope this helps you guys clear it down some
    06-15-10 10:43 PM
  5. elvin1983's Avatar
    Any BB will be fine for use for 2 years. The Bold 9700 is the classic BB form factor, and will no doubt be able to stand up to two years of heavy useage. You could wait for the 9800, which will have BB6, more memory, plus the touch screen/slider combo, but there is no release date for that as of right now, so you may be waiting for a little while. I'd probably go with the 9700...
    06-16-10 07:15 AM
  6. 5dollarsheep's Avatar
    Yes I am leaning towads the 9700 very much, I actually almost originally got the 9000 over the iPhone 2 years ago.... still regret not doing so. Anyways, one other question is about the physical keys. I am an EXTREMELY fast typer on an iPhone, I probably actually should enter some type of contest. I type quicker on that then I do my physical keyboard on my PC. So what worries me is that continual fast use on it. Would my fingers actually wear off the numbers and letters off of the keys? Like wear off the paint? Cause I always went by my philosophy of I can't wear off the buttons on a touchscreen/glass keypad.
    06-16-10 05:29 PM
  7. Scarlett's Avatar
    I did wear off the back arrow on one of my BlackBerrys. However, I have been using the 9700 and have found it to the most stable of any I have had and no appearance of wear. I had the 9000 and found it to be heavy and bulky to carry. I would suggest going to your carrier store and playing around with the display ones to find out how well they handle. As to the 9800 you have to keep in mind that many times a new BlackBerry model sometimes has issues. If you want something that is guaranteed stable I would go with the 9700 for now.
    06-16-10 05:43 PM
  8. pkcable's Avatar
    I'd probably wait on the Slider, especially if the iphone is in reasonable shape. However you are looking at probably 1 to 3 months.
    06-16-10 08:09 PM
  9. elvin1983's Avatar
    I haven't seen a BB with the keys worn out yet, unless the keyboard was subjected to some sort of abuse. I had a buddy with an old 8700 and the keys looked just fine, I've even seen some older 7xxx series devices and the keyboards were just fine as well.

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    06-16-10 08:17 PM
  10. Stogies's Avatar
    FWIW, another vote for the 9700. Mine is stable, solid, and robust and really is the quintessential BB. If you like the BB format then you won't go wrong with this device.
    06-16-10 09:57 PM
  11. Jimbo5000's Avatar
    I see from some news sites that Apple has suspended orders for the iphone 4. If you haven't made your decision yet, it may have been partially made for you already.
    06-16-10 10:00 PM