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    Okayyy so there's probably already a thread about this but whatever :P sorry for spam. I am a new BBerry user and I am so confused! I don't know one thing about Blackberries. I have MANY problems to discuss but I'm just gonna focus on one. I have Curve 8530 and I can't save pictures. When I first got the phone it would automatically save picutres without a problem but whenever I take a picture it won't save. I've sent pictures to friends and then I tried to save it from the message. It says that it saves (I geet a message that says "File IMgblahblahblah.jpg exists: ovewrite?" I click yes and then it says "IMGblahblahblah.jpg saved to memory/home/user/pictures") but when I check my gallery it doesn't save. I only have around 15 pictures in my phone right now and I don't have a media card. What's going on???
    11-03-11 08:54 PM
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    8530, 8520
    256 MB onboard memory
    Expandable memory with support for microSD cards

    Get a Media card, That would be an easy fix.
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    11-03-11 09:03 PM
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    Yeah, there's a good chance that your media memory is full with the pictures that you have on the device. Once you purchase the media card, make sure you transfer all of your existing pictures off of the system memory and onto the media card. I think the last time I checked I had somewhere around 1,100 pictures on my media card...
    11-04-11 07:36 AM