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    recently (since the 3day problems with blackberry) when ive been making calls my phone has cut out with the 'call failed' message after a few seconds of someone answering the phone. i thought it was the other person's phone playing up as their signal is quite bad where they are but it happened to two other people today who i spoke to on their landline. i realised it must be my phone as the UMA icon in the corner turns to 3G straight after the call disconnects. I then noticed that the internet in my laptop cut out and then rebooted it's self. When i make the second phone call to the same numbers it seems to work alright.

    is it my phone that is causing the wireless router to re-boot and how can i solve this without having to mess around turning my wifi on and off...

    damn blackberrys!!!
    10-15-11 09:25 AM
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    I've never experienced this problem, but have you tried a battery pull?
    10-15-11 09:41 AM
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    yea i tried that last night, not had any phone calls since so not sure if its worked or not but im sure i did at battery pull few days ago when it started and it did it again yesterday....
    10-15-11 09:47 AM
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    I had an issue where my router was always rebooting ... turned out it was because it was an older router that was only 'Draft N' compatible. I went out and bought a new N router, a Linksys E2000 actually, solved all of my router rebooting issues.
    10-15-11 10:05 AM
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    Sometimes replacing the battery or reinstalling the OS solves those issues.
    10-15-11 07:14 PM
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    If you are losing internet connectivity you'll have to solve that. First thing would be to hook your laptop to the router via ethernet and verify your ISP and router are solid. A basic test would be (in Windows) from a command line "ping google.com -t". Watch for any time outs (let it go like 15 minutes). On a Mac the ping is continuous so you'd open terminal and just do ping google.com.

    If you are not sure about the router (that is, the router is restarting itself at times) then connect straight to the modem. Call in to your ISP for help on testing the modem with your laptop. Then if that checks out connect the router. I'd do a factory reset on the router IF you know how to re-enter all the settings. Then check the router makers web site and verify the router is using the latest firmware. If not download the FW and flash the router.

    After all that the router will be in good shape. Then if you have lots of neighbors that have WiFi I would find a channel in the router that has the least interference. Lots of newer routers can find the best channel if channel set to "auto" in the config. If not there are tools for this you can download, or trial and error works. Generally you'd test channels 1,6 and 11 and see which is the most solid.

    Reason I suggest this is you stated you are having issues with your laptop too.

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