1. h2omlnqueen's Avatar
    I updated my FB yesterday and now I can't see my Facebook notifications in my message tab. Is there an easy fix?
    09-30-11 08:21 AM
  2. elvin1983's Avatar
    If you're talking about your FB notifications not showing up in the "Messages" app on your BB, open up FB, go to Options, and select the box next to Facebook Messages Application.

    In prior builds, this box was automatically checked on, but with .50 they defaulted to turn it off. Select the box and you should be all set.
    09-30-11 08:35 AM
  3. h2omlnqueen's Avatar
    Thanks I looked at that page 100 times not sure why i didn't see that before!
    09-30-11 08:49 AM
  4. elvin1983's Avatar
    LOL it happens, that's what we're here for!
    09-30-11 08:52 AM